Enhance your models with real-time data & manage water with greater confidence.

More sensors

More data

Better knowledge

Water is a vital resource and a destructive force of nature. At Where₂O we make it our mission to increase our knowledge of this vital element by way of numerous, simple and low cost measurement stations. Our solution helps water management, hydro power facilities and local government to know more, so they can deliver more.

Increased resolution of empirical models to help make better informed decisions.

Our technology is crafted in the harsh Arctic Environment. If it works on Svalbard, it will work everywhere. That's why all components and sensors undergo thorough testing at our Where₂O outdoor laboratory.

Arctic robustness and resilience


Greater situational awareness & enhanced risk-management 

Our services

Where₂O deliver end to end data solutions for sensor stations measuring water geodata. Our system is cost effective, easily operated, stable and secure. We make water smarter.


Activate Drip, manage subscriptions & monitor your stations through the Tap user interface.

Drip v1_edited.jpg

Our management and communication unit is simple to install, has an extremely low footprint and has a battery life of at least 5 years. At its core is technology developed on Svalbard.

Drip™️  is available and operational at live customer sites.


Plan, install and maintain your measurement stations from a single application. Tap provides simpler procedures, better control and fewer maintenance tasks – be you a hydrologist, analyst or tasked with installation and operations.

Tap™️ will be available in 2023.


We market selected products that are key enablers for our vision of hydrology data and modelling.


Deploy Drip in the field with ease. Maintenance free and simple operation.

Combine Drip with various SDI-12 sensors to enable on-the-go communication. We are continuously working on extending sensor compatibility.

"On Svalbard we have been facing climate change for years.
Telenor have been developing new technology for avalanche prediction. This way of gathering data will be important for the hydropower industry, as well as for the safety in areas with flood and avalanche risks."

Einar Jenssen
Technology and Innovation Lead
Telenor Svalbard


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